How do I download a movie to my Android?


Modern people can watch movies in many different ways. The most obvious one is going to the cinema. You can also use a DVD or BluRay player. But this often seems too complicated. Why all this when many movies are distributed for free on the Internet? However, not all people are advanced users. Many people don't understand how to download movies on Android. What's to say, they can't even download videos to the computer! If you also feel like such a "dummy", then our article is written for you. Here we will look at all the ways to download movies to your smartphone or tablet.


In the relatively recent past, we couldn't even imagine downloading a movie to the memory of a portable device. Mobile phones back then provided the user with only 10-15 MB of memory. Some models had a microSD card slot. But memory cards of any large capacity cost an incredible amount of money. So we had to watch movies on a computer or a DVD player, someone even used a VCR until now.

Now the situation has drastically changed. It doesn't surprise us that a tablet or smartphone has 32 GB of permanent memory. And the amount of cards has grown to 256GB! In a word, there is a place for films. It remains only to understand how it is possible without much trouble to download films distributed by the global web. And there are four most common ways to do this:

Now let's look at all these methods in a little more detail.

Use of a computer

It is probably easiest to first download the film to your computer and then transfer the file to your smartphone. We will not explain how to download a movie to your PC. We will only mention that you can use a file sharing service, a torrent client or some other programs. In any case, this is a topic for a separate article that doesn't suit the format of our site devoted to mobile gadgets at all. So we will assume that you have already downloaded the movie and it is now located on the hard disk (hard drive) of your computer. Next, you need to transfer it to your smartphone or tablet running Android. To do this, please follow:

Step 1.5>Connect your device to a desktop or notebook computer using a USB cable.

Please note: not all cables are able to transfer something other than electricity. USB cables sold in China are especially guilty of this. Therefore try to find a good quality cable - in particular one that is included with the Smartphone.

Step 2. The screen of your portable device may display a notification containing the type of notification to be used. If it says " Charge only " then tap on it and in the list provided select the option " MediaFile Transfer ".

Step 3. Now open the " Startup " menu on your PC and select the item " Computer " (the steps are the same for Windows 7, other operating systems may vary slightly).

Step 4. Make sure that your device is detected. In this case it should appear at the bottom of this window.

Step 5. Now find in this window the previously downloaded movie. In our case this will be an episode of " Supernatural ".

Step 6. Key right click on the movie. From the context menu select " Copy " (if you wish to keep a copy on your hard disk) or " Cut " (if you wish to move the file without leaving any part of it on your PC).

Step 7. Move back. Click on the name of your smartphone in this window. Navigate to the folder you have chosen (usually the " Movies "). This may be located either in the internal memory or on the microSD card.

Step 8. Click the free space with the right mouse button and then select " Paste " in the context menu.

Step 9. If the operating system asks you whether to convert the media file before copying it, this depends on the power of your device. If you are afraid that your smartphone will not be able to playback an unconverted video, click on " Yes, convert and copy ". If you have a modern device, click on " No, just copy ".

That's it, your movie will be in your smartphone or tablet soon! Then you can disconnect it from your PC and enjoy watching it! By the way, you can copy videos by drag & drop from some file manager!

Use a memory card

If your smartphone has a slot for the memory card, you can do it even easier. You can remove the card, insert it in a card reader, transfer what you want to watch and then put it back in the right slot.

There is a downside to this method. You need a card reader for this method. If you have a desktop computer, you will have to purchase a card reader in the store, which will be a separate device. Luckily modern card readers are very inexpensive.

If you have a laptop you may already have a card reader built in. However only full size SD cards can be inserted. But that is ok, since almost every microSD card nowadays is equipped with a SD card reader. You can buy one separately as well, it costs extremely cheap in Chinese internet shops.

As for the transfer of the movie itself you can use the same " My Computer " mentioned above. Either use a file manager, Total Commander or something similar.

USB-Stick and OTG-Cable

This method will not work for all users of smartphones and tablets. The thing is that not every device is equipped with OTG technology. Its essence is to connect a traditional USB flash drive to the corresponding slot on the smartphone using an OTG-cable. If OTG is not supported, the device will not be recognized as a drive, as it will not have the necessary power supply.

Please note: the speed of the USB connection may be quite slow, therefore we recommend not copying high quality movies to the flash drive - these will either not play or the viewing experience will be very uncomfortable due to high lags.

With a file manager or " PDrive " you can transfer videos to the flash memory. We will not go into detail about the connection methods this time. The fact that you can read about it in the article " How to connect a USB flash drive to your smartphone ".

Torrent Client usage

Almost everyone knows that the easiest way to download movies to your computer is via torrent. However, only a small percentage of users are aware of the fact that Android has also long since developed a torrent client. As a result, you can use them to download a movie to your tablet or smartphone. The only major difference between these applications and their PC counterparts is that they do not distribute, but only download /files by default. This is made in order to save the mobile traffic.

Unfortunately, not all applications of this kind are equally good. Many of them are very poorly implemented. If they do download torrent, they download it very slowly and intermittently. Also, not all of them recognize the special format of links, which usually lead to a download. In short, we recommend you to read the article " Best torrent clients for Android ". It will allow you to decide quickly which program to download and install.

Attention : The playback of video /files of some formats may require the installation of codecs. If sound or picture problems occur at startup, try another player. An example would be VLC.

We will show you how to download movies to your Android phone using BitTorrent as an example. It has been developed by the people who popularized this file distribution format. Therefore, you will have no doubts about the capabilities of this client. You can use a different application, but this does not change much.

Step 1. First, unlock the torrent linked to the movie you want to download. You can do this by typing " movie torrent name" in Google. But it would be better to search in a torrent tracker you are familiar with. The fact is that some torrent resources may spread viruses in the guise of torrents.

Step 2. On the torrent page, locate the button to download it. Click on it.

Step 3. If you are given the choice between the torrent file and the magnet link you should select the second option. If your installed application does not understand magnet-links then choose the first option.

Step 4. Next you will be asked where to save the file. By default most torrent clients will download /files in the " Download " folder. In the case of movies, it is best to choose the folder " Movies ".

Step 5. If you have several /files in your torrent, you may want to avoid downloading some of them. You have to click on " Files to Download " and check only the /files you want to download.

Step 6. Once you have decided, click on " Add ".

Step 7. It takes you to the program window where you can follow the download. Once it has finished, you can start watching your movies.

The videos vary in size between 500MB and 15GB. For this reason it is recommended to download them via Wi-Fi networks only. The appropriate switch is available in the settings of any mobile torrent client.


The four most popular ways to download movies to your smartphone and tablet. If you wish to do it over the internet, then torrent is the best choice. As for transferring video from your computer, the easiest way to do this is to use a USB connection. We have not mentioned only the way of transferring a movie from a computer over the air, via Wi-Fi. For more information, see How to synchronize Android with your computer . We also recommend you to read how to watch movies on your smartphone online . In some cases, this is easier than downloading /files from a torrent or computer.

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