How to change the application icon on Android


It is worth noting that there are several ways to change the icons: the use of specialized software and installation of a separate Launcher. However, the second option will not suit all users, as the Launcher changes icons of all programs. And in general, it may change the entire desktop beyond recognition. Nevertheless, we will consider even this option, as it partially solves our problem.

But it is worth noting that not every program can handle such a complex procedure as icon replacement. So it would be wise not to thoughtlessly download every single application. You'd better listen to our recommendations.

Use a dedicated application

We recommend you use Awesome Icons to change the icons of any program. This application really works, in contrast to what Google Play provides for the most part (totally useless products).

This application however should be known to work. It will be difficult for newcomers to understand its interface. Now we will tell you how to use this application on Xiaomi Redmi 8. Here are the detailed instructions.

Step 1. From the main screen of the device we launch Google Play with the corresponding icon.

Step 2. In the search bar we enter "Awesome Icons" and tap the icon to start the search.

Step 3. Then we simply click on the button "Install" .

Step 4. Waiting until the process is completed and then start the program in the desired shortcut.

Step 6. Then we select the application to replace the icon in the list and we click on the icon button.

Step 7. It is only remains to modify the application name and you have to tap "Ok".

If you wish to modify the pictures of all the applications in the list. Please note that you should download replacement icons before doing this. And you'd better have them in PNG format with transparent background.

Consider that after deleting Awesome Launcher you will get back to your classic style. If you wish to see alternative icons at all times, you'll have to keep this application on your smartphone. You will be able to change to alternate icons at any time.

Use a third party Launcher

The Launcher is the desktop which shows you the icons of all your applications. Widgets are also placed on it. By installing an alternative launcher, it is possible to change the icon theme.

Nova Launcher From the variety of third party applications available on the Market, it is best to choose Nova Launcher . This product has the most flexible settings and is not very demanding on your system. Here is what you do to install and configure it.

Step 1. Launch Google Play with the icon you want.

Step 2. In the search bar you type "Nova Launcher" and click the magnifying glass icon.

Step 3. Next, we have to click on the button "Install" .

Step 4. Once the installation is completed, we return to the desktop and we are asked to choose the Launcher to use. We check the "Remember selection" and tap "Nova Launcher" .

Step 5. Now we will perform this operation simply by clicking "Next" .

Step 6. Select the dark theme (if desired) and click "Next" .

Step 7. Choose the startup menu type and tap "Apply" .

Step 8. We obtain a new desktop with a totally different icon and start customizing it.

Worth noting that the default Nova Launcher icon theme is not particularly interesting. However, the good thing about third-party Launchers is that they allow you to download an alternative layout and enjoy the unusual look of the desktop.

Hey, if you decide to go back to the system desktop, it is sufficient to remove Nova Launcher using the smartphone settings in the corresponding menu item. Once the Launcher disappears, the system desktop will be reinstalled by default. As a rule, no glitches happen after that.


If you are bored with the standard desktop, you can always liven it up a bit. Simply change the icons assigned to specific applications. To do this, there is the appropriate software. But not all programs cope well with this work. So it is better to follow our recommendations.

If simply replacing the icons is not enough, you can change the entire launcher. It will be much easier this way. The alternative desktop allows you to customize the icons as you require. Perhaps this option will suit you best as it is the easiest and most accessible of all.

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