How to remove YouTube from your Android phone


If you need to uninstall the YouTube app from your Android phone, there may be different reasons for doing so. For example, you have stopped using it or you just want to free up space in your smartphone. Furthermore, YouTube is installed by default on many devices, Google , so any user who bought the gadget may want to remove it simply as an unnecessary and superfluous application.

If YouTube was downloaded by the user himself, it is easy to remove it using the Android built-in functionality or 3rd party applications. If the application was pre-installed by default, however, the process looks a bit more complicated, as there is no way to remove it in the usual way. Below we will take a look at all the ways to get rid of YouTube on your device.

How to remove YouTube if it is installed by a user

YouTube , like any other app you have installed yourself, is easiest to remove through your phone settings or home screen. However, you may use an application store (generally Play Market ) or third-party software such as specific gadget memory cleaners or file managers for this purpose.

Uninstalling YouTube from your Home Screen

This method is the working one for most smartphones. To use it, follow the instructions below:

Step 1. Find the application shortcut on the desktop, tap it with your finger and hold it down until the Trash button appears at the top of the screen.

Step 2. Move the YouTube shortcut toward the trash.

Step 3 . Confirm deletion.

If done correctly, the application will disappear from the screen.

Uninstalling YouTube through smartphone settings

The next way to erase the application is to use the gadget settings:

Step 1 . Open the smartphone settings through the menu or home screen.

Step 2 . Go to the tab "Applications" .

Step 3 . Open "All Apps" .

Step 4 . Find YouTube and click on it.

Step 5 . Select "Uninstall" .

Step 6 . Confirm the removal of the application.

The successful operation will be indicated by a screen notice.

Uninstalling via the application store

YouTube as well as any other software can be erased via the built-in application store. Usually it is Play Market but depending on the smartphone brand it might be App Store on Meizu, Galaxy Store on Samsung, AppGallery on Huawei and Honor, Mi Store on Xiaomi etc.etc.

Let us see how to remove YouTube from Play Market :

Step 1. Open the application store.

Step 2. Go to the menu. On different devices you can open it by swiping to the right on the screen, by using the three horizontal bars in the top left corner or by using the button with your initials in the search bar.

Step 3. Select "My App and Games".

Step 4. Link to the "Installed" tab.

Step 5. Find the " YouTube" and click on its icon.

Step 6. Click "Delete".

Step 7. Confirm.

In App Store by Meizu, the process looks slightly different:

Step 1. Open the app store.

Step 2. Click on the Profile icon in the top right corner.

Step 3. Select the "Installed" .

Step 4. Find YouTube and click the Uninstall" button in front of it.

Step 5. Confirm your action.

The other App Stores perform the removal YouTube as described above but with only minor differences. The general principle will be the same.

Uninstalling YouTube

If you are using a file manager, most of the file managers allow you to uninstall an application. Let us look at how to erase YouTube using Google Files , very often installed by default on smartphones:

Step 1. Open your file manager.

Step 2. Select the category "Applications" .

Step 3. In the tab "Installed Applications" locate YouTube and click the 3 vertical dots button to the right of it.

Step 4. In the command line drop-down, select "Uninstall an application" .

Step 5. Confirm the action.

The procedure may vary slightly according to the different file managers but the general principle remains the same.

How to remove YouTube using a smartphone cleaner application

Most phone speedup and memory cleaning applications are able to remove installed applications. One of the most popular is CCleaner , so let's examine how to wipe YouTube from your smartphone using its example:

Step 1. Launch the utility.

Step 2. Go to the tab "Applications" .

Step 3. Discover the "Installed" .

Step 4. Locate YouTube in the list and click the icon.

Step 5. On the next page locate the Uninstall" button and click the button.

Step 6. Confirm your action.

YouTube can be removed in another way, especially if you do not wish to remove other applications. To do this, check the software you do not need in the list of installed software CCleaner and then click "Delete" bottom and confirm.

If you use other applications to uninstall YouTube , the procedure to do so will be very similar to the one described above.

How to remove preinstalled YouTube

YouTube , as well as several other services from Google , are often installed by default on the phone. In this case, it is not possible to remove it by normal means. However, you can remove it if necessary by following the steps below:

Step 1. Open the phone settings and select the tab "Applications and Notifications".

Step 2. Press "Show All Apps" .

Step 3. Locate YouTube to the list and tap it.

Step 4 . Click "Stop" to temporarily stop the application.

Step 5 . Select "Disconnect" to YouTube completely shut down.

After you have selected "Disconnect" this completes the application and hides it. The YouTube shortcut disappears from the menu and the desktop and you can only find it again by clicking on "Applications and Notifications" . However, in this case, although the program will be hidden, it will still occupy space in the gadget's memory.

If this does not suit you, it is possible to completely remove the application. The details of how to do this with Root permissions can be found in a separate article on the site. However, be aware that such actions are not recommended for inexperienced users, because if you do something wrong, it can harm the operating system and your device. If you do decide to take the risk then follow the link above for detailed instructions on how to remove preinstalled applications.


In our article we have reviewed 5 ways to remove YouTube if it was downloaded by the user. If the application is pre-installed on the phone by default, you can not uninstall it with the usual methods, because the operating system allow only to temporarily or completely disable the application. You can get rid of unnecessary preinstalled software with Root rights, but these actions are not recommended for inexperienced users, as they can cause damage to your gadget.

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