How to set the date and time on Android


When buying a new mobile gadget, users may face the problem of incorrectly set time zones, current date and time. The solution, however, can be quite simple and in this guide we will explain how to set the date and time on your Android smartphone.

Setting the time settings

To set the time on android, you need to follow a few simple steps:

Step 1 . Start Settings , go to " System and Device " and choose the section " Advanced ".

Step 2 . Click on " Date and Time ".

Step 3 . In the opened window you may adjust the time, change the date, select the format of time and date display, set the time zone as well as set the automatic reception of settings.

Please note : The date and time settings may be hidden in other subsections, e.g. in the advanced settings. This depends on the Android version.

The time and date settings can be accessed another way - via the application Watch :

Step 1 . Start the application Time .

Step 2 . Press the Options button.

Step 3 . Click on " Date and Time Settings ".

Why the time on your Android

Synchronization of date and time on Android smartphones may sometimes not work properly and cause a settings failure. To correct this issue you need to disable the " Network date and time " and " Network time zone ", then you would set the time manually.

If this issue persists, it is recommended to perform an Android Factory Reset and reset all settings.


How to always have the exact time and date on your gadget by following the recommendations included in this manual.<1

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