How to set the wallpaper on your phone (Android)


There was a time when we all used push-button cell phones. In those days there were a lot of WAP sites with pictures. In order to download wallpapers on your phone you had to know the resolution of your display. Now everything became a little bit more difficult. But if you master the subject, you can change the wallpaper every day!

What is a wallpaper?

A wallpaper for Android is a normal image that is constantly displayed on your desktop. The exception is the Live wallpaper, but we will talk about it below. What then is the difficulty? It would seem, download any picture from the Internet and put it as wallpaper! But it is not so easy. You may well come across cases where the image is stretched in width or height, as a result of which it does not look the best. This is due to the fact that you have found a photo with an unsuitable resolution.

Before looking for a suitable image, familiarize yourself with the resolution of your smartphone or tablet display. The picture should have the same resolution. Or at least exactly the same aspect ratio.

There are many sites where you can download wallpapers adapted to a particular resolution. A little more information about them you can, again, closer to the conclusion of the article. For now, let's try to understand how to find out the right resolution and what to do after? The resolution of the display is necessarily specified in the characteristics of the device. Just enter the name of your smartphone in the search and go to the page of this device, say, in "Yandex.Market". In the list of specifications you will definitely see the screen resolution. A more complicated and time-consuming way is to download some benchmark. For example, many of the device parameters are displayed by AnTuTu Benchmark . This method may be useful if you do not know or have forgotten the smartphone's name.

AnTuTu Benchmark By the way, it is not necessary to select the image with the resolution you require. If you want it, you can crop it with one application or another. Such an application can be a photo editor for Android. You can also use a computer with GIMP , Adobe Photoshop and other similar programs.

Hanging wallpaper in a standard way

There are two most popular ways to install wallpaper on your smartphone:

  • The standard way is when you find a picture on the Internet and then put it on your desktop by yourself;
  • Use a special application - it contains many wallpapers that are trimmed to your screen automatically.

If you have already found a suitable image on the global web, it remains to set it as wallpaper. This is an easy one:

Step 1. Go to " Gallery " or any other application that displays the pictures present on your smartphone.

Step 2. Select the image that you would like to have always on your desktop. Click here on the vertical third dot to open a small menu of options.

Step 3. Click on " Set as wallpaper ".

Step 4. Choose where you wish to place the wallpaper. Normally the lock screen is available here in addition to the main screen. It is also possible to put a picture on both screens at the same time. In our case we are interested in the desktop - that is, " Home screen ".

Step 5. Many smartphones will furthermore show you what the desktop will look like. If you are satisfied with this then click on the button " Set as wallpaper ".

On tablets and some smartphones you might need to crop the image. This way you can adjust it to your screen to obtain the perfect look.

Utilizing third party applications

It is much easier to use third party applications to install your wallpaper. There are many of them available for the Android operating system. Each application database contains a lot of images in different categories. All you need to do is to choose the image and install it as your wallpaper. Everything else the program will do for you. Let us walk through your steps using the HDD wallpaper application:

Step 1. Install and start the program.

Step 2. Click on the " View " button. You can also authorize the application which will remember your settings as you move between devices.

Step 3. You can now choose the picture you want to put on your main screen. To do this you can go through the categories, look at the last added pictures and read the users choices.

Step 4. When you find the right one you should click on the red button. The software also allows you to give the picture a "Like", comment on it, download it to your smartphone and insert it in your contact list.

Step 5. Cut the picture as you like. Then click on the " tick ".

That's it! There are other similar applications. Their functionality is similar, the only difference is the images themselves stored on the server.

Installing the live wallpaper

The live wallpaper has become very popular with HTC developers. Unlike the static one, the image is in motion. In other words, the live wallpaper is not the usual image saved in JPEG format. But it's not GIF-animation - this is something more complicated. As a result live wallpapers are typically distributed as individual applications.

Find and install live wallpapers through Play Market . In most cases they are distributed completely free of charge. Most of the time the live wallpapers will only need to be installed and no other action is requested of the user (even if some settings are inserted sometimes).

Please note: The live wallpapers are rather CPU intensive and waste energy. If your smartphone has a weak battery and not the best performance, the live wallpaper should be abandoned.

Where to download the wallpaper for Android?

Now you know how to install the wallpaper on Android. All that remains is to understand where you can download interesting images that you would like to see on your desktop all the time. And there are a huge number of such repository sites. Here are just the most popular ones:

  • WallpapersHome - thousands of all kinds of images, each of which can be downloaded in one resolution or another (popular options for PC, Android, iOS and Mac OS are available).
  • Wallpaperscraft - contains photos adapted to the screens of Apple smartphones and tablets.
  • - the wallpaper section is separated into a couple of dozen categories, making the selection less complicated.
  • Social Networks - of course a great variety of desktop images can be found at Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Spaces and other similar sites. There are even separate groups containing a huge number of wallpapers. However, not everywhere the images are sorted by resolution, so in some cases you will have to crop the picture yourself.
  • Top-Android - this site allows you to select not only regular pictures, but also live wallpapers. However the selection and the download of content here is not implemented in the most convenient way.


This is the end of our guide. As you have understood, it is not at all difficult to install the wallpaper on your smartphone. Now you can handle such a task in a couple of minutes! Much more time will be spent to find a picture you like.

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