What is a teletype on an Android phone?


But what is teletype on your phone? Let's understand how this feature works, how it is enabled and who needs it.

What is Teletype

Teletype - what is it? In simple terms, it is a special function Android intended to be used by people with a speech and/or hearing impairment. A person can enter text on the keyboard of their smartphone, and it, subsequently, can be converted into audio. Conversely, the person's speech can be converted to text format. This approach allows people with a hearing or speech impairment to communicate using a normal phone line.

In our time, with the advent of video and instant messengers, the function is becoming less and less necessary. And for this reason is not supported by most of the mobile operators.

How to enable teletype mode

Teletype mode is not difficult to enable. However, remember that teletype mode must be supported by your mobile phone operator. Otherwise it does not work.

In order to enable telephony do the following:

Step 1. Google Go to the telephone application Telephone .

Please note! The Telephony application developed by Google and installed on most of the Android smart phones supports Teletype.

Step 2. Press the three dots in the upper right corner to open the advanced options.

Step 3. Select the item "Settings" .

Step 4. Find the item "Special Function" .

Step 5. Click on "Teletype Mode" .

Step 6. By default the teletype is disabled. To activate it, select one of the three items from the pop-up list.

The teletype supports three operating modes:

  1. Full teletype. This mode allows the person with a disability to communicate by typing text messages.
  2. Teletype with hearing interlocutor. In this mode you hear what the speaker says and you can enter the answers on the keyboard.
  3. Teletype with voice transmission. In this mode you can talk and read the answers as text messages.

Healthy person does not need this feature, maybe for fun. But it might be useful for the deaf and dumb.

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